Nexgen's Our Services

NEXGEN Pest control pride themselves on professionalism in all three of their main services. Domestic, Commercial/Factory and New homes. 

What We Do

We specialise in the Commercial industry where they have gained great knowledge and reputation.

Throughout there journey they have developed a web based program that allows clients to view data, trends, activity levels and budgets for future forecasts. We offer free appraisals to where they will come look and advise on what’s required to maintain high quality expectations for keeping your work place Pest free. 

Highly skilled in bird netting and other bird proofing measures for Commercial premises. 

We specialise in the building industry for new and used homes so If your building a new home where the people to see we advise on best termite prevention to best protect your home.



Most residential pest problems require only one visit. Household pests such as Spiders, Ants, Cockroaches ,rodents and more can be much more than a nuisance – they can become a threat to your property and potentially your health.


Commercial / Factory

When it comes to the Commercial industry, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. Our service includes a free, no obligation site survey, which allows us to inspect your pest problems and provide a recommendation that will keep your building pest-free, while maintaining highest standards of health and safety with minimal disruption to your daily business activities.


New Home Building

Termite protection should be paramount if building your dream home.
We will give you the best solution and advice when it comes to protecting your new home. Minimum fuss and environmentally safe options.